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The quality of the TECNECO filtration program today stronger and safer than yesterday

TECNECO guarantee simple, immediate, safe

TECNECO filtration program quality,
today stronger and safer than yesterday

With TECNECO you can choose from a complete range of filters for all types of vehicles, of original quality, in compliance with the standards required by car manufacturers and in compliance with CE 461/2010.

Simple, immediate, safe guarantee, means that any damage caused by a defect or malfunction of a TECNECO filter will be reimbursed immediately once the responsibility of the manufacturer has been ascertained.

Liability for defects and product liability
TECNECO products are made with the use of compliant and specific materials, in compliance with the standards required by car manufacturers and in compliance with CE 461/2010, as well as tested and checked before being placed on the market, using reliable control systems and certificates. Based on what is indicated, we can state the following:

We treat and resolve any complaints carefully, simply and immediately.

Claims for defects lapse after 12 months from delivery. This does not apply if longer periods are required by law.

If, despite all our quality assurances, a defective product arrives on the market, we take responsibility for direct and immediate damage to the object of the supply caused by our lack, in accordance with the legal provisions. We also take responsibility for the product under the corresponding law. We also take responsibility for other damages or for sequential damages / costs within the legal framework.

Prerequisite for complaints due to defects and/or claims for damages is, among other things: compliance with the assembly, maintenance and replacement instructions provided or recommended by the manufacturer of cars, engines or devices. The delivery to the manufacturer of the product deemed defective and the cause of the damage, for internal and/or external checks and tests that determine its actual defect.

REGULATION CE 1400/2002 ->
EU No. 461/2010

According to EC REGULATION 1400/2002 -> EU N. 461/2010 BER (Block Exemption Regulation) Law, TECNECO products are of original quality and perfectly interchangeable with the originals, not in compliance with the provisions of Article 1 Letter " T "and" U "of the same regulation.

Therefore they can be used for the repair or maintenance of vehicles even during the warranty period, while maintaining the warranty granted by the manufacturer as provided for in Article 4 Letter "K" of REGULATION CE 1400/2002 -> UE N. 461/2010 Law BER (Block Exemption Regulation).

CE 461/10 Statement

CE 461/10 Regulation

CE 461/10 Certificate

ISO 9001:15 Certificate

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