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The NISHIBORU filters are produced with the use of compliant and specific materials, in compliance with the standards required by Asian vehicle manufacturers and perfectly interchangeable with the originals, because of equivalent OE quality.
Filtration performance guaranteed by the use of filter media characterized by high filtration efficiency, a controlled pressure drop and a large accumulation capacity of pollutants.
Strength and flexibility guaranteed by metal, plastic and expanded components with excellent elastic, strength and sealing characteristics.
Easy assembly guaranteed by an excellent structural dimensioning and installation tests on conveyors and OE containers.


The NISHIBORU filters are specially designed and developed to guarantee the best filtration performance. The NISHIBORU filtration program includes air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin filters, produced in strict OE compliance and in compliance with CE461/10 requirements.

All Tecneco products
they are 100% recyclable.

Technical features

Backs in dc04 steel
(according to uni en 10130)

The sheet metal used is suitable to withstand molding operations without releasing deformation residues or imperfections on the bottom.
The material is designed to ensure the best stability of the mechanical characteristics for the entire period of use of the filter.
Thickness: 0,5 ÷ 0.7 mm
Mechanical resistance: 350 [MPa]

Spiral rhomboid mesh

Galvanized carbon steel with Sendzimir process to ensure the best corrosion resistance
The crimping geometry with helical profile increases the structural rigidity of the reinforcement ensuring maximum filter stability during the filtration process

Filter media

Cellulose reinforced with 20% glass fiber that guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles with dimensions of just a few micrometers.
Weight: 170g/m2
Thickness: 700micron
Permeability: 780l/m2 sec
Degree of filtration: 28micron

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