Oil Filters

spin-on, ecological
and immersion

They guarantee cleanliness and fluidity of the circulating oil


Spin-on, ecological and immersion oil filters

The oil has the task of lubricating all the moving parts inside the engine. During the combustion phase, polluting particles such as ash and dust are produced inside an internal combustion engine. These particles together with the metal powders generated by the friction between the mechanical parts, flow into the oil contaminating it, making it more viscous and inadequate for its task of protecting the engine from wearing agents. As a result, engine performance decreases, fuel consumption increases and in worst cases the engine can be seriously damaged.

TECNECO oil filters have the function of guaranteeing cleanliness and fluidity of the circulating oil, improving performance and reducing consumption.

All Tecneco products
are 100% recyclable.

Technical features

Anti-drainage valve

Produced in silicone material, it has the function of preventing the oil from leaking after the engine is turned off.
Resistance temperature
+180°C ÷ -80°C.

Anti-drain valve support

Polypropylene PP6GF25 loaded with 25% glass fiber.
It determines a very significant increase in the resistance to wear, traction, creep, compression and pressure of the oil flowing through the filter, guaranteeing the stability of the material throughout the useful life of the component.
Resistance temperature +120°C ÷ -35°C.

Infrared welding

To ensure the best stability of the filter even at high oil temperatures, the upper and lower bottoms are welded to the filter cartridge by infrared lamps.
The heat dissipated by the lamps is sufficient to allow the filtering pack to penetrate the two plasticized bottoms by a few tenths of a millimeter due to the heat.
Resistance temperature +180°C

Filter media with glass fiber

Cellulose reinforced with 20% glass fiber which guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles with dimensions of just a few micrometers.
Weight: 190g/m2
Thickness: 700micron
Permeability: 400l/m2 sec
Degree of filtration: 26micron

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