Specific Filtration

new horizons
in filtration

Design, development and production of new products for new applications

In TECNECOFILTRATION we design and manufacture air filters, oil filters, fuel filters for internal combustion engines, cabin filters and oil filters for automatic transmissions, with applications on cars, light commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial vehicles, since 1967.
This is why we thought of making know-how, production technologies and professionalism available to those looking for a competent and reliable partner in the filtration sector.

SpecificFiltration is the name of the program with which TECNECOFILTRATION manages design, development and production for third parties, alongside important industrial groups operating in the original equipment (OE), in the original spare part (OES), in the production of engines for multiple applications, in industrial filtration.

The contribution that our work offers to our partners, thanks to the SpecifiFiltration program, is the result of 50 years of experience in the field of filtration, skills in design, advanced, versatile and reliable production and control technologies, a innate propensity to serve.

All Tecneco products
they are 100% recyclable.

Technical features

Sealing gasket

NBR 70 – 125/70 IRHD
Resistance temperature +120°C ÷ -35°C

PA6GF30 reinforcement cage

Polyamide loaded with 30% glass fiber.
It determines a very significant increase in the resistance to wear, traction, creep, compression and pressure of the oil that flows through the filter.

Geotextile filter media

Reinforced material with double internal/external layer of synthetic nylon fiber mesh to ensure maximum oil filtration efficiency.
Weight: 280g/m2
Thickness: 900micron
Permeability: 350l/m2 sec
Degree of filtration: 25micron

Ultrasonic welding

To ensure the best stability of the filter even at high oil temperatures, the upper and lower bottoms are welded to the reinforcement cage through infrared technology.
Resistance temperature +180°C

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